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Rostov Cathedral of the Nativity of the Virgin

Stephania Savitskaite
Form 5-A
Private School Az Buki Vedi
Teacher Marina Alekseevna Pleshakova
City Rostov-on-Don

I am Stephania and I am from Rostov-on-Don. I study in the 5th form. I love to study and to learn new things. I have a lot of hobbies. I go in for dancing, I like reading and I attend English Theatre club at my school. I am Christian and I go to Church regularly. So I want to tell you of the most beautiful cathedral in Rostov. My mother helped me.

The cathedral history began with a small chapel in the fortress of Dimitriy Rostovskiy which was constructed by the order of the Empress Elizabeth in 1761 in the south of Russia.
Then on the chapel place the wooden church has been constructed. In the middle of 19 century this church couldn’t contain all the believers. So the two Rostov merchants got the building license of the big cathedral on their own means. The project was made by the architect K.Ton. A bell tower 75 m high was erected near the cathedral. In front of the cathedral there was a large territory where city celebrations took place. In the middle of the area there was a monument to Alexander II. People from nearby villages came to the cathedral by boats.
After the revolution of 1917 the cathedral gradually collapsed, the crosses have been removed, the furniture has been plundered. Since 1932 there were various warehouses and even a zoo in the cathedral. During the Great Patriotic War in 1942 people reopened the cathedral. Its slow restoration which was completed only by 2000 began. Now the cathedral is the spiritual center of religious life of the Rostov region. It is the residence of the archbishop of Rostov and Novocherkassk Merkuriy. It constantly conducts educational and charity activities.
The cathedral accepts various relics not only from all Russia, but also from foreign countries. So in November believers could adore Poyas of Presvjataya Bogoroditsa which was brought from sacred mountain Athos.

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