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The legend of Nikolskaya mountain

Коткова Елена Валерьевна
МОУ Тагайская СОШ 8«Б» класс,
Учитель: Коткова Наталья Алексеевна

I live in the Ulyanovsk region. I am fond of travelling and I went to Nikolskaya mountain last year. I heard there the legend of Nikolskaya mountain and I would like to tell you about it.
Nikolskaya mountain is well-known not only in the Ulyanovsk province. Many, many years ago there was a miracle which rescued the village from slavery. Once the tatar army was standing near the village and was preparing for the plan of an attack. Our scouts penetrated into the camp of the tatar army and killed their leader. They thought, that without the leader the tatar army couldn't attack the village. But they were mistaken. Our army was weaker than the tatar army. When the tatar army ap¬proached Nikolskaya mountain, its soldiers stopped, showing on the top of the mountain. Then the tatar army suddenly ran away. When Russians looked at the top of Nikolskaya mountain, they saw a huge god with a sword and a child on hands. This legend has been existing for many years.
There are also some sacred sources for which this place is also well-known. Bathing in these sources relieves of all sins and cures from all deceases. In the Ulaynovsk province there are some more similar sights which tourists like to visit. Each of them has its own features and secrets.

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