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My native village. Ptich’e

МОУ «СОШ №10»,
Село Птичье,
Изобильненский район,
Ставропольский край
Учитель – Медведева Елена Николаевна;
Выполнили учащиеся: Долгова Алина 9 кл.,
Мирошниченко Оксана-8 кл.

Have you ever heard of this name? Have you ever seen it on the map? Have you ever been at least in the Stavropol region? I suppose most of you will give a negative answer. While travelling over the Stavropol region one can see lots of small, but attractive, villages. But in my opinion the most beautiful and attractive village in the region is Ptitche. It is based in 1832 people from different regions such as: Kurskaya, Orlovskaya, Voronezhskaya and others. Its name got from the nearest lake Ptitche. On this lake were many different kind of birds, such as sparrows, swallows, nightingales, swans and even varakuschka. The unit of nature conservation сhose varakuschka the bird of 2012 year. On the chest of this bird the feathers are white, blue and red. – It is such a russian banner.
My native village is situated on the bank of the Big Egorlik river. The population is about 5 thousands people. The climate is relatively mild. One of the most striking things about our climate is that the weather changes from day to day. The flora and fauna here are not rich. There are many fields, which are covered grass. But earlier there were “Stepnie kurgani”. These are small hills above ancient graves. They are round, oval or square. These monuments are dumb witnesses of our history. Excavations of Stepnie kurgani gives rich material about life of our ancestors. During the Great Patriotic War many citizens went to the front to defend the country. At those times some volunteers among women began to work on the farms and fields. It was a very hard dangerous and unhealthy job for young females, who replaced men in the fields. The citizen assembled a big sum of money for setting up a tank brigade for the front. More than 1000 thousand citizen took part in the war, many of them were awarded with medals and order, and some became Heroes of the Soviet Union. After the war the village turned into a big construction site. Many houses, streets, school, hospital, shops were erected. And now this tendency is being continued.
Thousands of citizens moved into new comfortable flats. New streets have appeared. At present Ptitche is a big beautiful village. There are some places of interest such as: a museum , a library, a club, a park, a memorial, a sport complex, a church. The centre of the village is crowned by the old church, which was built on a high hill. The church is open to everybody. You may go there to play. There is a big icon depicting our sins there. We must be reminded of them I think. The church is certainly one of the main people attractions of Ptitche. Book – lovers, school children can find varied and valuable material in the library and museum. Sportsmen can take part in many exciting competition and the fans can attend many sporting events held in the stadium.
There is a Central Square near the village administration. It is a quiet place without transport and crowds of people. I like to walk along the square and sit on a bench under the blooming chestnuts admiring flowers and breathing fresh air. Here visitors can combine a pleasant rest with useful things and get acquainted with history of our village and its people. Also they can put flowers on the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. Our native village is rich in different traditions and one of them is celebrating the village’s birthday in October. This holiday has become official for the people of the village.
Welcome to our village. We wish it prosperity, social and material welfare, good ecology and much happiness for all its citizens.
  • The memorial
  • The church
  • Birds
  • The big Egorlik river

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