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Saratov, interesting facts

Липянин Владислав Григорьевич 8а
ГБОУ СОШ №323 г. Москвы
Учитель Шапаренко Л.Н.

Saratov is one of the major city in Russia and the most beautiful city in our country. Seven years ago I lived in Saratov and now I live in Moscow. By the way our Math teacher comes from Saratov too. The population of the city is about… Saratov was founded in 1590 by Prince Grigory Zasekin. My city is situated in the south of Russia on the bank of the river Volga. Our city is an industrial centre. It also has a highly developed agriculture. The weather is hot in summer and cold in winter. Saratov is a city of science and learning. There are a lot of universities and schools in my native city.
In summer I enjoy fishing, swimming in the river, having a rest with my friends, eating juicy fruit and delicious fish, hiking and horse-riding. There are many kinds of fish in Volga and that’s why three silver sterlets are painted on the coat of arms of Saratov.
One can see a lot of beautiful monuments and places of interest: the bridge across the Volga river, the monument of Gagarin’s landing, the first accordion’s workshop (it’s one of a kind!), the Saratov State conservatory named by famous Russian singer Sobinov. I’m proud of my city and invite you to visit my native city and see our sights. You’d be nuts to miss a chance to see it!

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