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The Summer Garden

Ансимова Валентина
7 „а“класс ГОУ СОШ №481 Кировского района
Учитель: Савина Татьяна Валерьяновна

My name is Valentine. I live in St. Petersburg. I’d like to say a few words about one of the most wonderful places in my city. There are lot attractions in the city, but there is only one place where I can spend most part of my day. It is the Summer Garden. The Summer Garden is located where the Fontanka River flows out of the Neva River. It was founded in 1704 by order of Peter the Great, who was personally involved in planning it. The Summer Garden is home to marble statues acquired from Europe especially for Russia's new capital, and also to rare flowers and plants, as well as fountains. It was a traditional location for courtly life outside the palace, and balls were held here by the nobility, who also enjoyed simply taking the air in the Garden.
Apart from the abundance of fountains in the Summer Garden at the time of Peter the Great. The whole area was a labyrinth of lanes surrounded by the walls of bushes, the embellishment of 32 fountains, plus various Italian-made statues based on Aesop's fables. At the present time the Summer Garden boasts 89 splendid marble sculptures. Whilst few are of particular artistic merit, collectively they evoke a romantic charm of a bygone era. This Garden has become my true friend. I trust it and can talk to it about everything, about my thoughts and I can find there the answers to my questions which I don't know. I enjoy the beauty of its trees, singing of the birds. I admire surprising smooth surfaces of the Garden lakes. I breathe freely fresh pure air... Here I feel love not only to Saint-Petersburg but also to people, to the world around me... This marvelous fabulous place impressed me once and lives in heart now and will be forever.

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