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My favourite place in Sankt-Petersburg- Kazan Cathedral!

Дмитриева Ксения
7 „а“класс ГОУ СОШ №481 Кировского района
Учитель: Савина Татьяна Валерьяновна

From remarkable constructions with what Petersburg in Alexander's I time, most important Kazan cathedral on the Neva Prospect was enriched. Earlier, at Peter the Great, here there was a small chapel with an icon of the Kazan Divine Mother brought in 1710 on an order of the tsar from Moscow. The Kazan cathedral is constructed in honor of a wonder-working icon of the Kazan Divine Mother who have was in the city of Kazan in 1579.
Even in the course of A.N.Voronihin's designing has faced, apparently, unsoluble problem. The building site on the one hand adjoined the Ekaterina's channel, with another - to the Big Petty-bourgeois street (nowadays Kazan). On canons of Christian church the altar part of a cathedral should be turned on the east, in this case towards the channel. Thus the building was required to be developed in relation to the city trunk main lateral northern facade. Without breaking church canons, Voronihin has found the best decision: before northern facade, level with its height, he has suggested to erect the grandiose colonnade closing the basic, rather small volume of a cathedral, having in the plan a Latin cross. Having organized semicircular the area before Neva, Voronihin has excellent solved an important town-planning problem: having fixed the colonnade ends monumental porticoes, it has issued, thus, prodrivings along the channel and the Big Petty- bourgeois street towards which the western facade is turned.
Value of the Kazan cathedral as monument of Russian military glory has even more .increased, when in 1830 before lateral porticoes of an external colonnade have been established monuments to M.I.Kutuzov and M.B.Barclay by Tolli under projects of architect V.P.Stasov and sculptor B.I.Orlovsky.

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