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A history of Lomonosov

Соболев Сергей Александрович
ФГКОУ Санкт-Петербургское
Суворовское военное училище МО РФ

Hello! My name is Sergey Sobolev. I live in the town of Lomonosov (it was called Oranienbaum till 1948) which is situated on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland. It is a unique place where palaces and monuments of imperial Russia are situated but I want to tell to you about military glory of the town of Lomonosov (Oranienbaum). During the Great Patriotic War Oranienbaum suffered greatly. In September, 1941 the town was surrounded by fascists. During two and a half years it was cut off from Leningrad. However, enemies could not enter Oranienbaum. Nevertheless the legendary Oranienbaum "patch" became the major strategic bridgehead of the Soviet Army. The troops joined and attacked the Nazi army from Pulkovo in the area of Ropsha in January 20, 1943. The siege ring was raised.
In the first months of the war the most valuable art collections of museums were evacuated to other towns of Russia. Unique palaces and parks suffered very slightly thanking for the courage of the defenders of Oranienbaum “patch". After the Great Patriotic War completed restoration work began in palaces and parks of Oranienbaum. In June 9, 1946 the Upper Park, then the Chinese Palace-museum, in 1953 the palace of Peter III, and in 1959 the pavilion of the Rolling hill were opened to visitors. You can find a lot of monuments, places and things connected with the Great Patriotic war in the town of Lomonosov. One of them- the anchor of the ship “The Proud” is on the territory of school №436. In 2011 Lomonosov celebrated 300th anniversary and the deserved award of "the Hero Town of Military Glory" was received.

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