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Taganrog is the second largest city in the Rostov region

Агаркова Валентина Викторовна
МБОУ Ясиновскоя СОШ,
х. Новая-Надежда, Куйбышевского района,
Ростовской области
Учитель английского языка

Taganrog is the second largest city in the Rostov region, located at northern coast of Taganrog’s Gulf of Azov Sea. Taganrog was founded in 1698 by Peter the Great and became the first naval base of Russia, the first Russian port at open sea coast. The further development of the city has been closely connected with the names of Catherine II, Alexander I and other known statesmen who have rendered appreciable influence on its formation and development.
In 60-90 years except the industry considerable development was received by social and cultural spheres, a communication network of Taganrog. Variety of large objects of formation, public health services, culture and sports, and also an engineering infrastructure of a city has been constructed. Modern Taganrog is the large industrial, scientific and cultural-historical center, one of leading seaports on southern frontiers of our country. Cultural life of Taganrog is rich. In the city which is the native land of the great writer and playwright A.P.Chehov, are created and successfully work the art museum, drama theater, the oldest in the south of Russia recreation park, literary and historical and architectural memorial museum of A.P.Chehova.
Taganrog has given to Russia and the world many outstanding people. First of all, A.P.Chehov, the 150 anniversary from the date of which birth was celebrated in 2010.With the city are connected such names as: actress F.G.Ranevskaya, revolutionary P.P.Schmidt, artists K.A.Savitskij and A.K.Kuindzhi, writers K.G.Paustovskij and I.D.Vasilenko, trainer A.A.Durov, singer E.V.Obraztsova, the poet M.I.Tanich, aircraft designers G.M.Beriev, R.L.Bartini and V.M.Petljakov, the writer and public figure N.V.Kukolnik, surgeon N.A.Bogoraz, mathematician A.A.Samarskij and many other famous people.

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