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Almetievsk, a modern developing city

Якупов Инсаф 7б класс
Учитель: Мияссарова Алия Альфатовна
Муниципальное бюджетное образовательное учреждение
«Гимназия №1 им. Ризы Фахретдина»
г. Альметьевска Республики Татарстан

We would like to tell you about our native city - Almetievsk. As it is said in a legend on the area of the present Almetievsk mullah Almuhamet founded a settlement in the first quarter of the 18th century. A new phase in the country-people’s life started when the Romashinskoe minefield was founded in that area. The global dimension of work attracted heaps of people to the Almetievsk area. A new history of the Almetievsk area’s development started. The oilmen of Tatarstan do have their capital. The largest oil company of Russia Joint-Stock Company “Tatneft” is located in the city of Almetievsk, And this company make a huge contribution in the economics and public life’s development of the Almetievsk region in particular and the whole republic of Tatarstan in general. Almetievsk is a young city; in 2003 it was 50 years old.
Almetievsk today is a powerful industrial center of the Republic. Oilmen, engineering workers, gas processors and workers of other production fields support and develop the economics of the city and the district. Wonderful people, professionals work in the areas of education, healthcare, culture at institutions and organizations of Almetievsk. Almetievsk is a very comfortable city to live in, to work, to go to schools, colleges and universities; there are places to have fun, to relax. There are many composers, writers, poets, artists and actors in Almetievsk. Almetievsk has its professional tatar theater, museums, an art gallery, movie theaters and religious centers...

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