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Борисова Анна, 6а
Болотова Юлия Юрьевна,
учитель английского языка
МАОУ «СОШ №12 с углубленным изучением
отдельных предметов»

Меня зовут Аня, я живу в Стерлитамаке, учусь в школе №12, с 4 класса изучаю английский язык. Моя мечта – посетить Лондон, посмотреть достопримечательности этого города, познакомиться с его жителями и их образом жизни. Но сначала я хочу рассказать о своём родном городе.

Мy native city is Sterlitamak. It is the second largest city in Bashkortostan after its capital Ufa and it is even was the capital of our republic since 1919 to 1922. Sterlitamak is not so big as Moscow (its population is only about 270 thousand people) and not so old as Novgorod (it was founded only in 1766) but it is very beautiful, green, and cosy. In 2007 it won the first prize as the cleanest and the most comfortable city of Russia. The streets of Sterlitamak are full of flowers and trees. In summer you can get rest in parks and squares. The suburbs of our city are delightful. Sterlitamak stands on five rivers: the Sterlya, the Ashkadar, the Belaya, the Olkhovka and the Seleuk. The city's name comes from the Bashkir language and means "the throat of the Sterlya". Four mountains, the Shikhans, surrounding our city are the unique geological formations of ancient times.
Sterlitamak is a developed industrial city. There are a lot plants and factories in it: “Soda”, "Synthesis-Caoutchouc", “Caustic”. Journalists from Moscow who visited our city called it “Russian Chicago”. There are many cultural and educational establishments in Sterlitamak too. There are the State Russian and Bashkir Drama Theatres, the Theatre-studio "Benefis", the Dance Theatre, Philharmonic, Sterlitamak Historical Museum, Art Gallery, palaces and houses of culture, cinemas.
Sterlitamak is proud of its sportsmen. One of them is the “Sportsman of the year”, biathlete and cross-country skier Irek Zaripov, who won five medals at the 2010 Winter Paralympics. Tatyana Lebedeva, the World and Olympic Champion in the long jump and triple jump events, was born in our city. I love my city very much and I think it is worth visiting.

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