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Ноздрина Анастасия,
ученица 10 класса,
МБУ «Колыванская СОШ №1»
р.п. Колывань, Новосибирской области
Учитель - Торопова Надежда Александровна

I would like to tell about Kolyvan. It is situated not far from Novosibirsk on the river Chaus. It stands on a hill. Kolyvan is a large village, which has the population of about 10 thousand people. There are some factories, a club, a big stadium, a musical school, libraries, three secondary schools, a vocational school and an agricultural technical school. Kolyvan is a famous for its museum. Many people visit it to learn our history. They see pictures, war materials, exhibits. In 2007 the people of Kolyvan celebrated its 210th anniversary. Kolyvan is the center of the district. There are about 30 villages in Kolyvan district. The farmers produce meat, milk, butter and grow wheat, corn, buckwheat, oats, potatoes and other vegetables. Kolyvan has a long and a very interesting history. At present there are no aged people who remember the Tsar Siberian land. Those days the Siberian road started from St. Petersburg and went to China border. That was the road of tears, sadness and death. In the 18th century that road went through Kolyvan. The Tsar people built many settlements along this road. Chaussky Ostrog by the Kolyvan Lake was one of them. The settlement began to grow. In 1797 Chaussky Ostrog was named Kolyvan. Soon it became a merchant town. About 210 years passed. Kolyvan changed its face. One of the sightseeing in Kolyvan is the Alexander Nevsky church. The merchant Pastukhov has built it. Now the church is restored. Every day we hear its bells. In May 2011 St. Nickolas Monument was erected in the central park of the village. It is a new sightseeing of the village. I am really happy that I live here!

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