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Кисиев Алан 7 «А» класс
ГБОУ Лицей 1575 г. Москва, САО
Учитель английского языка
Солосина Оксана Анатольевна.

My name is Alan, I was born and live in Moscow in the district called Sokol. That means “Falcon”. You can see the golden falcon with open wings on the district coat of arms. It holds a silver roll in its claws. It symbolises the set of scientific and high-educational institutes of our district. Below there are crossed silver sabers with gold hilts. It is the symbol of military valour.
Sokol is an old-established, cosy Moscow municipal union. It has the highly-developed transport system even the metro-station with the same name. But, what is more important, it is a unique green place and every house here has its own inimitable look. The district got its modern in the 1930s when the first housing-cooperative was created here. The builders tried to realize the idea of “town-garden”, the place that combines the best sides both the town and the village.
Now Sokol is the district favourable for living. The green belt includes the beautiful park around the cinema “Leningrad”, gardens of Sokol township, the boulevard and the amazing fountain. People like to spend their free time here. People also honour the memory of fallen heroes and the memorial zone was created in the park in 1998. Here you can see monuments of warriors perished on the territory of Russia during the 1st and the 2nd World Wars. It is also the symbol of civil, international and religious reconciliation of people that fought against each other on Russian territory.
People of Sokol are very proud of their district and try to make it more beautiful, comfortable, clean and cultural. You will never be bored walking along its streets.
Come to Sokol especially in spring and you will enjoy greatly!

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