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Работу выполнил Журавлёв Олег,
ученик 7а класса,
ГОУ школа-интернат (IV вида) №49
«Школа здоровья»,
Стрельна, Санкт-Петербург
учитель - Кацанда Елена Николаевна

I'd like to tell you about my favorite town-Primorsk. It is a town in Vyborgsky district of Leningrad region. Primorsk is a famous port of the Baltic. The first mention about this town was in 1268. In Primorsk there are many attractive sights, and picturesque places. In Primorsk you can find ruins of some old Finnish houses. One of the most remarkable sights on the Karelian Isthmus is the Church of St. Mary Magdaline. The modern building was built on the place of an old one and opened to the public on 19th December 1904.The church is made in national Finnish romantic style, the northern version of «modern» style. In 1992 at the northern side of the church there was installed a monument by the sculptor A.Saalo « A sail and a cross». The cross is a symbol of memory about people, Russian and Finnish, who were killed here; the sail is a symbol of friendship between the Russian and Finnish people.
There are some legends connected with the church. According to one of them the cross on the church was made of gold, but later it turned out to be made of oak covered with copper.
During the war time Primorsk was a place of fierce fighting, and there were many servicemen killed in battles. Later they were buried on the memorial cemetery. In 2010 in the center of the town there was installed a monument to the Great Patriotic War. Another great memorial of this time is a monument devoted to heroic deed of captain Lebedev. People will always remember the heroism of the defenders of the town. Primorsk is a very beautiful and heroic city. Come to our town to explore it’s amazing places and you will learn lots of interesting things about it.

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