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Russia, Voronezh, Durov’s Museum

Ольга Яновна Степаненко, 9 класс
НОУ «Интерлингва»
Учитель Сафонова Н.С.

I live in the city of Voronezh and I love this heroic and cultural city. It is considered a birthplace of a great number of outstanding and famous people and the birthplace of Navy and aviation. There are many exciting parks, theaters, cinemas, libraries, monuments and museums there. I would like to tell you about one of them Durov’s museum. The museum was opened in September 1978 years. It stores the rest of the estate rarities. Visiting this museum people can find out what an amazing man Anatoly Leonidovich Durov was. He was a clown, animal trainer, collector, satirist, philosopher, artist and painter. His unusual paintings on glass were very popular in those days. His circus show with fifty animals and a train model was one of the best shows in the world.
Durov was born in Moscow in 1864 and when he was a little boy he started working as an animal trainer. His first performance took place when he was a 15-years-old boy.
In 1881 Durov bought a house and moved to Voronezh. He turned his estate into a museum with an aquarium, antique statues, fountains, medieval castle and art gallery. A famous Russian singer Shalyapin and a writer Kuprin were often his guests. Later he married a German woman Stadler. His wife was the first women in the world of the circus performers. They had three children: two girls and a boy. All the children and grandchildren followed his footsteps.
Durov died very early. It was an accident when he was hunting with his friends. The name of this talented person is known not only in Russia but also in many countries all over the world. Citizens of our city are very proud of this talented person and one of the street in Voronezh was named in his honour.

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