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The spring “St’ Paraskeva Friday”

Фатеева Мария Васильевна -
ученица 8 «а» класса
МБОУ «Городищенская СОШ №2 Городищенского района
Волгоградской области»
Железнякова Зинаида Ивановна –
учитель английского языка

I’d like to tell you about the spring “St’ Paraskeva Friday”, which is situated not far from the center of Gorodishche. It is one of the main local attractions. The spring is known more than three hundred years. “St. Paraskeva Friday” is the most respectable saint spring in the Volgograd diocese. There was the icon phenomenon of St’Paraskeva Friday many years ago. Every Friday there is the women's day in Gorodishche. Young girls and women (the beautiful half of humanity) go to this place with cans and plastic bottles to fill them with saint water. Paraskeva is the patroness of women in childbirth. You can hear many surprising and even incredible stories how water from the Gorodishche’s well helped to get rid of sterility and to prolong life. They say people can recover if they drink this saint water. I think it’s true, otherwise how we can explain women's pilgrimage to Gorodishche for hundred years. On the Epiphany people come here to drink and to pour the saint water out the pale on themselves. The ecological group of our school takes care about the spring because it’s one of the points of their Ecological Path.

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