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THE Memorial "Soldier's field"

Папутина Александра Николаевна, 9а класс
МБОУ «Городищенская средняя общеобразовательная школа№2
Городищенского района Волгоградской области»
Железнякова Зинаида Ивановна –
учитель английского языка

I live in Gorodishche, I’m proud of its history, and so I want to write about one of the most memorable places of the Great Patriotic war. This memorial was built near Gorodishche in Volgograd region and named "The Soldier's field". That field was plowed in 1942 by mines and bombs instead of ploughs and tractors.
Only by 1975 the "Soldier's field" was fully cleared of death metal. The sappers extracted more than 6,500 mines, shells and other ammunition. The remains of the dead soviet soldiers who died in the fatal battle were found there too.
The memorial "Soldier's field" was opened on the 20th of September in 1975 there. The authors were sculptors L. Levin and A. Krivolapov. In the center of the complex there is the concrete funnel filled with fragments from shells which were found on the Soldier's field. On one side of the funnel there is the common grave of soldiers; on the other there is the figure of a girl with a flower in her hands, as the embodiment of peaceful generation. Near the girl you can read the triangle moving letter which the major D. Petrakov wrote to his daughter: "My black-eyed Mila, I send you the corn-flower... Imagine: the battle is going, the enemy’s shells are bursted, shell-holes are everywhere, and the flower is a growing here... And suddenly there is another explosion; the corn-flower is cut down… I picked it up and put it into the pocket of my shirt. The flower was growing, turning towards the sun, but it was cut down by the blast wave. And if I had not picked it up, it would have been trampled. Mila! Father Dima will fight with the Nazis to the last drop of blood, to the last breath, so that the fascists don’t treat you like this flower. What you don’t understand, mother explains."

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