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Пак Карина Константиновна,
8 «А» класс
МБОУ «Городищенская СОШ №2
Городищенского района Волгоградской области»
Железнякова Зинаида Ивановна,
учитель английского языка

I live in the village Gorodishche. It is not far from the city Volgograd. The Stalingrad battle was one of the most important events of the World War II, because in 1943 the Soviet Army won the great and glorious victory over the fascists there. This battle was the bloodiest one in human history. Our soldiers defended the city for 200 days and nights. It is estimated that the loss of both sides in this battle exceed two million people. The battle was a turning point in the course of hostilities, after which the German troops have completely lost the strategic initiative. Anti-aircraft gun was one of the main weapons in the Stalingrad Battle. Some of them were in Gorodishche.
It is known that anti-aircraft gun is a specialized artillery piece which was designed for destruction the enemy aircraft during the counter-attack. It is characterized by a high speed of shells and laying up. These anti-aircraft guns were used as anti-tank ones. In caliber anti-aircraft guns are divided into small-caliber (20-57 mm), medium-caliber (76-100 mm), large-caliber (over 100 mm). The highest effectiveness is achieved by the control of fire and automatic instruments.
In honor of these weapons we have the monument which is called” Zenitka.” I’m a member of the patriotic club “Victory” in our school and so I’m very interested in the history of my region. We keep order there and lay flowers on the anti-aircraft gun to honour the memory of those soldiers who died there for the freedom of our country.

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