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Vladimir, my birthplace

Курасов Давид, ученик 11а класса
МБОУ СОШ№19 г. Владимир
Учитель английского языка:
Акинина Елена Алексеевна

I am David Kurasov, my birthplace is Vladimir. Vladimir is rather small city in the central part of Russia. But it is also an amazing city with monuments of white-stone architecture. I am very proud of living in Vladimir.

Vladimir is an ancient city with a very rich history. It was founded in 1108 by Vladimir Monomakh, a great prince of Russia. After some years had gone, Andrew Bogolyubsky made Vladimir a capital of our country. The most remarkable sight of Vladimir is the Golden Gates, one of the most famous historic and architectural monuments of old Rus. The Golden Gates are the symbol of courage and heroism of Russian people. That’s why they have become one of the most important masterpieces which attract many tourists from all over the world.
One can’t admire the beauty of the Assumption Cathedral, Saint Demetrius Cathedral, Church of Intercession on the Nerl and many others. We love and admire them for their beauty and perfection. While walking along the narrow streets of our old city you can hear the voices of the past, imagine the scenes of the heroic battles. Just a little bit of walking from the Golden Gates and one can find himself in a very amazing place. These are the Patriarch's gardens, a place, where everybody feels relaxed. The square of the Patriarch's gardens is very huge. You can get much new information and expand your outlook about trees, bushes, berries, wild plants and medical herbs that are grown there. There is another lovely and dearest place for me in Vladimir - the Klyazma river. Unfortunately, the Klyazma is not so long and navigable, but the nature around is very beautiful and picturesque.
Vladimir is the city, which is worth to be loved and proud. Beautiful historical and outstanding places of the city are the great cultural heritage of our heroic ancestors that future generation must preserve. I am sure the more people follow and preserve their culture and traditions, the more spiritually rich and mighty they are!

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