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New Holland Island

Соколова Алина Александровна
Гимназия №166 Центрального р-на
г.Санкт-Петербурга, 11-В класс
Учитель – Чечина Инесса Федоровна

My name is Alina Sokolova. I am a pupil of the 11th form of school №166 in St.Peterburg. I am fond of my native city and English has always been my favourite subject. I am one of the winners of the International language competition of 2010.

There is a mysterious island, which has never been opened to public though it is located in the centre of St.Petersburg. This island is called New Holland and it has a reputation of one of the most romantic corners of St.Petersburg. New Holland Island in St.Petersburg was created in 1720 when the newly built Kryukov Canal and Admiralty Canal connected the Moika River with the Neva. New Holland has always been under naval control. The island belonged to the Russian Admiralty. Originally, there was a miner shipyard for rowing boats. In 1732 architect Ivan Korobov constructed a network of basins and wooden warehouses in order to store lumber for shipbuilding. Later a water tank for testing ships and submarines, a naval prison and one of the first radio stations in the country were constructed on the island. The most famous construction of the place is a highly pitched Neoclassical arch over the canal. After the Revolution the 18th-century buildings of the island fell into neglect. Only at the turn of the 21st century the island has been given over to the city and a new chapter in its history began.
On November 15, 2010 New Holland Development company won an investment tender held by the city of St.Petersburg to restore and redevelop New Holland. This project is under the control of Roman Abramovich.
The company is going to invest at least 12 billion roubles over a construction period of 7 years. The main attractions of the island would become a collection of cultural spaces, theatres, exhibition halls, educational centres and science labs. I hope in future island will be the greatest cultural centre in the world.

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