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St.-Petersburg, interesting facts

Работа ученика 6 класса ”В”
ГОУ ЦО ”Школы здоровья”
Рожкова Никиты

Hello! My name is Nikita Rozhkov. I am from Moscow. I am 12 years old and I study in 6th form school #1317. I live on the street Udaltsova with my father, mother and younger sister. Her name is Kate and she is 6 years old. I go to one of the most prestigious sports schools on judo "Borets" and I am learning English with the English man at school "English First". I like to play football, watch TV, play on the computer and Ipad, listen to music, meet friends and study English.

The city was founded on 16th of May 1703 by Peter I. From 1712 to 1918 years it was the capital of the Russian empire. In the city there were three revolutions: 1905-1907, February bourgeois-democratic revolution in 1917, the October socialist revolution of 1917. During the Great World War of 1941-1945 about 900 days the city was in enemy blockade and as a result more than 600 000 people died of famine. St.-Petersburg carries a rank the Hero town (since 1965 year).
The population is about 5 million people (2011).It is the most northern city with the population more than one million people. Among the cities completely located in Europe, St.-Petersburg is the third on the population.
St.-Petersburg is a very beautiful and interesting city. There it is very interesting to walk around. St.-Petersburg is the important economic, scientific and cultural center of Russia, and it is a large transport knot. The historical center of St.-Petersburg and the complexes of monuments are included into the list of the World heritage of UNESCO. It is one of the most important centers of tourism in the country. In this city there are lots of interesting museums and theaters. The city is known thanks to the Hermitage, the Mariinsky Theater, Russian national library, the Russian museum, Petrodvorets, the Small Drama Theater, Isaakievsky and Kazansky cathedral. In summer there are "White nights". On these days daylight lasts during the whole day and night, so people go to sleep when the daylight is outside. In St.-Petersburg there are more than 300 bridges and some of them drawbridges. They give the chance to different steamships and courts to pass because the Neva is a navigable river.

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