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Taganrog, the history

Kogemjakina Juliana
Kogemjakina Juliana.
School № 37

I'm 14. I’m fond of reading about the history of my native town.

I've been living in Taganrog since my birth. I love the town greatly. Every part of it is connected with history and famous Russian people like Peter the Great, A. Checkov, F. Ranevskaja, Emperor Alexander III and the others. Every year numerous tourists are attracted to here by the sights and the sea.
But there is a sight that is not well-known. It’s got a very interesting history and destiny. By the way, it’s not situated in Taganrog, though its origin is closely connected with it. I mean the bell of Chersonesos, a symbol of Sevastopol. The fog bell was cast in 1778 from the trophy Turkish cannons seized by the Russian Imperial Army during Russian-Turkish War of 1768 – 1774. There are some images of St. Nickolas and St. Phocas.
The bell was cast before the foundation of Sevastopol for St. Nickolas the Wonderworker Church in Taganrog, which was the Russian Navy's military base at that time. After Sevastopol became the main Russian military navy base in the South of Russia, the Emperor Alexander I ordered to transport the bell there.
During the Crimean War the fog bell was seized by the French and was placed in the cathedral of Notre-Dame of Paris. Many years later, a bell with a Russian inscription was found. After diplomatic negotiations it was returned to monastery at Chersonesos in 1913 and was placed on a temporary wooden belfry.
The monastery was closed in 1925 by the new authorities, and two years later all its bells were sent away to be recast. Only one bell escaped this fate. The Department of the Security of Navigation of the Black and Azov Seas proposed to place it on the coast as a signal fog bell. The bell served until the 1960s.

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