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Yelets, Lipetsk region

Трубицына Александра
Ученица 10 Г класса
Учитель английского языка Бирюкова Е. В.
МБОУ гимназия №11
г. Ельца Липецкой области

Yelets is my native town, it is the oldest town of the Central Black Earth Region. Yelets was founded in 1146, it situated on the Bystraya Sosna River, which is a tributary of the Don, it was a military fortress. The Mongols burned it in 1239, Uzbeg Khan ravaged it in 1316, Timur sacked it in 1395, and the Tatars devastated it in 1414. Favorable geographic position aided the town`s development, but it didn`t become the capital of our region. Many old buildings which the town is famous for, have been preserved, for example, the Ascension Cathedral, the church Uspenskaya and the women`s monastery Znamenskii. Created by talented craftsmen architectural monuments astonish and charm visitors by their beauty. Today Yelets is a tourist town, a major railway junction with a developed industry. Yelets lace is world famous. The oldest university of the Lipetsk region is in Yelets, The Yelets State University was upgraded from an institute in 2000, and besides it there are branches of other universities. Our town has the honorary title of City of Military Glory. Yelets has a lot of "highlights". A variety of museums attracts the attention. We have some house museums of great compatriots as I. Bunin, T. Khrennikov, N. Zhukov. Guests have the opportunity to stay in a hotel "Yelets", located in the center. Wonderful combination of monuments of the past and modern architecture creates unique landscapes and determines the originality of the town.
I am proud of my native place!

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