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Vyatskie Polyany: general information

Умрилова Ольга Леонидовна
Кировское областное государственное
общеобразовательное автономное учреждение
«Многопрофильный лицей г. Вятские Поляны»
учитель английского языка

The English proverb says, “There is no place like home”. As for me, I’m of the same opinion. Of course, the best of all places is your own village or your own town. We never forget it when we leave it for another part of the country. Your place is dear to you because you were born here, and you like it because it is the place where your friends and your close people live. No doubt such a dear place for me is my native town. To begin with it stands in a picturesque place on the high bank of the river Vyatka, so my native town has a beautiful name – Vyatskie Polyany. It is a typical Russian provincial town situated about 350 km away from Kirov, the capital of the Vyatka land, and 964 km away from Moscow. It is the third largest town in Kirov region. The population of my native town is about 40, 000 people. The town is inhabited by the Russians (73%), the Tatars (18 %), the Udmurts (5%), the Mariy-people (3%) and people of other nationalities (1%).
The history of Vyatskie Polyany goes back to the end of the 16-th century. At that time it was just a small settlement, but now it is a lovely town. Vyatskie Polyany is often called “the Pearl of Vyatka region”. It is really a clean, green and cozy place to live in. There are a lot of trees and flowers everywhere. The town is surrounded by hills and forests where there are a lot of berries and mushrooms. The river Vyatka is full of fish, so it always attracts a lot of people who are fond of fishing.
Vyatskie Polyany is an attractive town, so don’t miss the chance to visit it.

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