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The Salty Lakes of the Astrakhan Region

Газиев Фарид, обучающийся 9 класса
Поплутина Надия Растамовна,
учитель английского языка
МБОУ «Чаганская СОШ» Камызякского района
Астраханской области

The Salty Lakes of the Astrakhan Region (Солёные озёра Астраханской области) There are a lot of salty lakes in the Astrakhan region. One of them is the lake of Baskunchak. The Baskunchak is a unique creation of nature and one of the biggest deposits of salt in the world. It is situated for about 270 km north of the Caspian sea and 53 km east of the Volga. The lake of Baskunchak is the lake of the Sun. You can see it when in sunny and cloudless weather its huge salty fields blind and some of its parts filled with salty solution – rapa, don’t yield the sky with its dark blue colour. When the weather is calm, the lake sparkles so strongly that it is like the Sun coming down to the Earth. The lake makes people to return here again and again. It seems if you are in a fantastic world especially in sunrise and at sunset when the light changes, colouring the area in yellow, red and pink hues.
The another lake is the Tinaki which is situated for 5 km from the Volga. On the bank of it there is one of the oldest health resorts and spas in Russia Tinaki which was founded in 1820. The lake got its name from the word “tina” - black and sticky silt. The salty solution of the lake has medical qualities.

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