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The Shantar Islands

Антонова Анна
Антонова Анна, ученица 11 класса
Гимназии № 8 г.Хабаровска
Учитель английского языка –
Якушенко Татьяна Сергеевна

Увлекаюсь английским языком, принимаю участие (и даже становлюсь призером) олимпиад и конкурсов по английскому языку. Английский язык – это то, с чем связано мое будущее. Кроме английского люблю спорт, занимаюсь лыжным спортом.

Some people find wonders in far-away countries, somewhere in Egypt, Greece or so on. I agree, that the pyramids in Egypt or Stonehenge in England are wonders, I have nothing against them. East or West, but home (as the proverb says) is best and I am Russian, I am from the Far East and I have some places I am proud of.
One of such places is a group of islands called the Shantar Islands. They are rather far from the civilization and that’s why they belong to a few unique places untouched by people. I have never been to the Shantar Islands, but I admire this place. Why? I’ll try to explain.
Somewhere in the north-western part of the Sea of Okhotsk there is a mysterious group of islands. If you look at them from a bird’s –eye view it seems that a giant threw a great pile of stones and rocks into the sea.
The Shantar archipelago consists of 15 islands and rocks, it was discovered in 1645. The fauna of these islands is very rich and varied. There are more than 200 kinds of birds, including 30 kinds registered in the Red book of the RF. Water fauna is represented by 35 kinds of fish. Rivers and lakes are full with fish, bears wander along the banks of rivers with pure water, whales and seals swim near the coastal lines of the islands. Geology of the islands is also interesting and is waiting for the detailed geological researches.
The Shantar Islands aren’t only the pearls of the Sea of Okhotsk, they represent a great interest for the tourists all over the world.
What region of the world can boast of such an interesting place? Maybe someone would not agree with me, perhaps some people would say that Russia ends in the Shantar islands. “No,- I would answer,- it’s a place where Russia begins, where the Sun rises!”

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