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The Amur Bridge

Дитинюк Никита
Дитинюк Никита, 11 класс
Гимназия № 8, г. Хабаровск.
Учитель английского языка –
Якушенко Татьяна Сергеевна

Люблю английский язык, неоднократно участвовал в конкурсах и олимпиадах по этому предмету. Надеюсь, что английский мне пригодится в жизни.

I live in a far edge of Russia, but it isn’t a synonym of an outdated region. We have something we can be proud of. I’d like to tell about the Amur bridge. Someone will object - every town can boast of it. But stop…I’ll tell about a bridge of 1908.
Imagine the beginning of the XXth century – no modern technologies and means of communication, no powerful machines, only talent and great wish to show that Russia is a great state!
The project of the bridge received a gold medal of the World's Fair in Paris in 1908 as a unique engineering construction. The bridge was almost 2,600 meters and it’s height was 64 meters. 17,800 tons of metal was used. At that time it was the largest bridge in Eastern hemisphere. Only in some years a bridge built across the river Fort of Vest near Edinburgh was longer that our bridge.
The metal farms for the bridge were produced in Warsaw and then they made a great voyage crossing the Black, the Mediterranean and the Red Seas, the Indian Ocean, the Pacific Ocean to Vladivostok and were delivered to Khabarovsk.
On October 15, 1916 a ceremony of opening of a regular movement along the railway bridge across the Amur took place. The bridge got the name Alexeevsky in honour of Cesarevitch Alexei Nickolaevich.
The construction of this bridge as a part of the Great Transsiberian highway outstripped its time, it was unprecedented scientific and engineer masterpiece. The new bridge was of a huge value for economic development not only of Khabarovsk, but of Russia as well.
Some years ago a new bridge replaced the old one. But I am sure that we should not forget about great things done by our predecessor.

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