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SAINT - PETERSBRG, the Decembrists’ island

Бобылева Мария
ученица 8 класса
ГБОУ гимназия № 628,
«Александринская гимназия»

My name is Mary. I live in the most beautiful and exciting city. It is called St.Petersburg. While you walk along its endless streets passing from one bank of the Neva to other you can find yourself on a fantastic island that is called the Decembrists’ island.
The island is separated by the river Smolenka in the South and washed by little Nevka in the East. Till 1775 the island was called “Goloday”. There are several explanations of its origin name. One of it is that it comes from the English word “holiday”, the second one means “hungry peasants” who were building the city gave this name to the island at the beginning of the 18th century. According to it the name of the island came from the surname of the English doctor Thomas Holiday who had a little part of land on the island. Native people altered the name "Galladay" to "Goloday”.
In 1926 the island got its present name the Decembrists’ island. It was supposed that the leaders of the Decembrists uprising (Pastel, Ryleev, Muravyev-Apostol , Bestuzhev-Ryumin and Kakhovsky) were buried here in July 1826.The installing stone made of polished rose granite was erected in the Western part of the island. Later in 1940 that stone was used as a basement for the obelisk. The black polished stone was used for the monument. In comparison to other huge monuments in St.Petersburg the obelisk looks rather simple. But we go on admiring brave and proud Decembrists and their wives.
The city I am in love is full of stories and riddles. I am looking forward to finding its riddles.

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