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From the history of Kekoran school

Shirobokova Anastasiya – 10 class
Chupina Nina – 9 class
Якшур-Бодьинский р-н,
МОУ «Кекоранская СОШ»

In 1866 in our village was established by the local government school. There were 40 people. In October 1893, was opened the parochial school. Alexander Rozanov taught children. Incomplete seven-year-old secondary school was opened in 1936, eight-year-old - in 1961, and after 6 years - a ten - year school. Now we learn in the modern beautiful building. The solemn opening of the school took place on August 26, 2009. The new school is calculated on 132 places. There are 10 classrooms. The school has informatics rooms, workshops, gym, locker rooms, a dining room, a boarding school.

From the history of the railway “Izhevsk-Balezino”

“Dear courage” called the builders of the railway “Izhevsk-Balezino”. There was the necessity to connect the Perm and Kazan Railway lines. According to the decision of the State defence Committee of the construction of the railway started in January of 1941, but in a year the builders sent to the front. More than 30 thousand people were mobilized from all over the republic. They did the hard work: they cut down the trees, cleaned up the stumps, hammered the frozen ground, raised the lowlands. They were mostly women and children – are poorly dressed and hungry, because no clothes, no food was not enough. The monument was built in 1997. It is a symbol of courage, love, hope and remembering of the work heroism of the builders of railway “Izhevsk-Balezino”.

From history of village Kekoran

Repairing Kekoransky – under such name our settlement in documents of the Central Archive the Udmurt Republic is mentioned. The first settles have appeared here about 300 years ago. In those times, the beauty of country was wonderful: woods, rivers, huge boulders. It has involved here masters – they make millstones from a stone. So there was our village Kekoran, the Udmurt name – Kokoran, a place where cut millstones. Nowdays in the village Kekoran there are 6 streets: Zarechnaya, Sovetskaya, Lesnaya, Pushinoy, Molodezhnaya, Kedrovaya. The number of population by May 2011 is 269 people.

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