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I was born in Moscow

Счастливцева Виктория Владимировна
ГОУ ЦО «Школа здоровья» № 1317
Учитель Барановская Светлана Евгеньевна
Russia is my home where I was born and grew up. The city where I live is the capital of Russia. It’s Moscow. There are many monuments, museums, theaters, squares in Moscow. Let me tell you about some of them.
The Kremlin is the symbol of Moscow. Many centuries ago Moscow was surrounded by narrow wooden walls of the Kremlin. But they were often burned and soon the Kremlin was built of white stone. Nowadays, Moscow is a huge city and the Kremlin is just part of it. Also there is the State Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow. This is one of the biggest and the most famous art galleries in the world. In this gallery there are a lot of paintings by famous Russian and international artists such as Shishkin, Vasnetsov, Repin and many others. I visited it many times but I want to be there again and again in the future because art is my life. I adore painting.
There are also many sites dedicated to different people such as writers, astronauts, commanders in my city. Moscow is the town for everyone. I am proud of being a Moscovite!

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