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Arkhangelsk, the northern city

Здравствуйте, меня зовут Кузнецова Виктория.
Я ученица 10 «а» класса средней
общеобразовательной школы № 37 г. Архангельска.
Мой учитель английского языка -
Дьячкова Светлана Игоревна.

Увлекаюсь английским языком, поэтому решила принять участие в конкурсе « Наша страна- наше наследие».

No doubt, our Motherland begins with the place where you were born, where you grew up, where your parents’ house is situated. "There is no place like home". For me it is a northern town of Arkhangelsk. It is a little provincial town but for my compatriots it is a place we can be proud of. It has got its own history and traditions.
It was founded by the order of the Russian Tsar Ivan the Terrible in 1584. Peter the First visited our town 3 times. On the embankment of the Northern Dvina you can see a monument to this legendary person. In 2009 our town was called "The Town of Military Glory". Ordinary people, women, children who worked during the War, our heroes, our scientists and researchers made a great contribution to the Victory. They were selfless and served our Motherland best.
And I’d also like to tell you one interesting legend about the district of our town where I live. It is called Solombala. Why so? Many years ago there was a little village on the banks of the Northern Dvina. It was a very swampy place. Peter the First wanted to organize a ball in this nameless village. But he was very upset and didn’t dance. When he was asked about the reason, he answered: "Oh, this ball is too salty". So, this village got its name "Solombala".
It’s very interesting, isn’t it? And one more legend. It’s not a secret that Russian people like English people like cats, especially so called "Russian blue cat". Its origin is very mysterious like a Russian soul. According to this legend all Royal families couldn’t imagine their life without Russian cats. English seamen and merchants from Holland took this breed of cats from Arkhangelsk. And today it’s widespread from ports of London to Malta.
If you want to learn more about my native town… visit it. Our Pomors are very hospitable.

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