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Zolotari. Our home village.

МКОУ «Золотарёвская СОШ
имени Героя России Маденова Игоря»
Палласовский муниципальный район
Волгоградской области
Учитель английского языка
Джумагалиева Какима Дюсунгалиевна
Ученики 9 класса
Курмангазиева Талига, Джумагалиев Ерлан

Boundless steppes, continental climate, frosty, snowy winters, hot summer, dry winds, enduring people… It’s our village Zolotari located in Pallasovka district, Volgograd region. It was founded by a rich landowner Lukiyan Zolotaryov in 1807. Our village is one of the nicest places in the world. There are 12 different nationalities in Zolotari. We live together in accord and friendship. Our people are very hard-working and hospitable. Our school is situated in the village’s centre. It is named after Igor Madenov, the Hero of Russia. Igor defended his family, his friends, his Motherland. He was killed in Chechnia. Igor gave his life to save his friends. We have a Memory Meeting devoted to Madenov Igor on February, 6 (his birthday) and on October, 19 (his death day). We help Madenova Natalia Alexeevna, Igor’s mother. There is the Hero’s Alley in our school garden. There is a school museum where we collect interesting information about the history of our village and school, traditions of Russian and Kazakh. We take care of veterans. We are grateful for those people who paid for victory with their blood and their lives. We often make trips to the lake Elton. It is about one hundred kilometers from our village. “Elton” means “the Gold Lake”. Elton is a real wonder and a monument of Nature, a geographic “pearl” of Europe. Mud, mineral water and rapa (salt) of this lake help to treat some diseases. There is a well-known health resort “Elton” here. Clean and fresh air of boundless steppes creates a unique microclimate. How beautiful steppe in spring! You can listen to sky lark’s singing and watch cranes, breathe steppe’s air and enjoy the beauty of sunset on the lake! We like our region with its severe climate, but unique nature. Welcome to Zolotari and Elton!

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