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А small town Aginskoe

с. Амитхаша Агинского района
Забайкальского края
Даржаин Тимур Батомункуевич
Амитхашинская средняя общеобразовательная школа

Ученик 7 класса, очень любознательный мальчик, любимые предметы: история, география, биология и иностранные языки. Отличные знания по информатике.

My name is Timur Darzhain. I live in the village called Amitkhasha. My family consists of 5 people. My father is a driver. My mother is a teacher. My elder brother is a student. I have a small sister. She doesn’t go to school. I am a pupil of the 7-th form of Amitkhasha High School. I decided to participate in the competition “An interactive map of Russia” and I want to tell about my native village.
Amitkhasha is situated not far from a small town Aginskoe, the capital of the Aginsk autonomous area in Zabaikalsky krai. My village is not large. Its population is about 2600 people. More than 700 families live here. There is a local administration, a secondary school, 3 kindergartens, a club, a post office, a library, a small polyclinics, several private shops and datsan in our place. Most houses are wooden.
The place that makes me be proud of is the complex of the Aginsky Datsan. I’ll send some photos of the complex. It is a very beautiful place. The construction of the main buddhist temple began in 1811 and ended in 1816. It was built of stone and painted in white. So it’s called “White datsan”. Many other buildings were constructed then. Now it is a large complex, which was reconstructed some years ago. The architecture is in eastern style. Many people come to the datsan to order prays.

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