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The ethnographic restaurant-museum "Gornitsa", Kursk

Федорова Анастасия Сергеевна, 10 класс "А"
МБОУ "Гимназия № 44", г. Курск
Преподаватель: Печникова В.А.

Do you want to take a plunge into Russian history and not only observe museum exhibitions but feel lost somewhere in the 18th century? Then one place worth visiting in our city is the ethnographic restaurant-museum "Gornitsa", set right in the heart of Kursk, in Red Square. You will never guess that behind the dirty grey façade of the typical urban building there is a truly fairy-like Russian "izba" with an unusual stylized interior. Its wooden walls are decorated with unique hand-made embroidered towels, called "rushniki", and on the Russian stove there are old pots, jugs, samovars and a wooden washtub. These are genuine antiquities once found in remote Russian villages and now displayed in this museum as incredible artefacts of our national history and culture.
Another wonder of this place is its windows through which you will never see the present-day dusty and noisy city but a relaxing and serene scene of an outdoor festive gathering of the 18th century. Looking at it you will be carried away back to the peace of "Old Merry Rus" with its "barynyas" and "kuptsi".
However, as you enter the museum you will never feel the musty smell of old things. The delicious aroma of freshly baked Russian pies, pancakes, grilled meat and other traditional dishes will make your mouth water, whereas the soothing quiet melodies and the gentle hum of voices muffled by the thick wooden walls will give you a feeling of relaxation and delight. Although "Gornitsa" may not be a typical tourist attraction, it is certainly worth a visit. Enjoy an unforgettable evening away from the hustle and bustle of the modern world!

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