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Natural reserve “Basegi”

Паламарчук Ксения Андреевна
Образовательное учреждение МОУ СОШ №14
Учитель: Букаранова Н.И.

Our country Russia is Famous for its beauties. Dense forests, full flowing rivers, lakes, fields – everything impresses of its picturesqueness. And in Permski Krai, where we live, nature doesn't yield to the nature of other regions of our immense Motherland in beauty. We have many rocks and caves. The most famous cave is Kungurskaya. To visit it means to look into fairy tale. Stalactites of amazing forms hang from cave ceilings. Stalagmites remind us hardened tongues of flame, eager to be free. But there is another wonder of nature of Perm Krai – natural reserve “Basegi”. This is a piece of clean nature, protected from harmful influence of a man. A lot of tourists rafting down the river Us'va watch enormous silent rocky-giants. Exactly this place is “Basegi” - mountain-ridge, stretched from North to South, consisted of white quarts. Animal world of “Basegi” is very rich. Squirrels, hares, chipmunks, elks live here. You can also come across foxes and martens. The forests have many singing birds and game-birds.
Separate mountain peaks were formed in due course in “Basegi”. Peak of the South Baseg includes the remains of fantastic and whimsical forms. Middle Baseg Peaks remind the ruins of an ancient temple, covered with moss. North Baseg is lower than Middle Baseg, but change of climatic zones is can be watch there very well.
There is a beautiful place in “Basegi”. Its name is Poboishche. It is tract.. tetrahedral arrow-heads were found on its glades. Legends tell, that in 1579 the battle of Mansi tribe against Ermak's armed force took place. Anyway the name of the tract and the legends about the battle are passed on from one generation to another.
Everybody wants the nature colors not to disappear. And the up-to-date society wants to protect such a valuable beauty of nature to hand it down to the next generation. Involuntarily you feel pride, when you see how the inhabitants of our area keep the memory, traditions, and culture of the past. If there was no past, we wouldn't have present.

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