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Vorobeva Kate
9 B, school №21
The teacher - N.V.Gornostaeva

The word “birthplace” has several meanings. For most people it is a country, where he was born, for others it is their family and relatives. And what does a birthplace really mean? For me it is my dear and native Kovrov. It is the place, where I was born, brought up and live now. Our town is not very big, but it is very beautiful and comfortable here, I think. There are a lot of bright shops, green trees; they are connected with my childhood: here I used to play hide-and-seek, run with my friends.
Kovrov was founded by Ekaterina II in 1778. Our emblem contains two silver hares, looking at the opposite sides on the shield with a green background. Our emblem symbolizes power and might. Kovrov made its huge contribution to the Great Patriotic War. Our Degtyarev’s factory supplied the front with weapon. Our workers, thanks to their courage, power of soul and heroism, produced about 1,5 million machine guns and guns! And all efforts and labor were rewarded – in 2011 Kovrov got the title of the town of the military glory. This title means very much for all people, but for me it is a very honorable and grateful title. I am very proud that I live here! Kovrov is a small town, but the size is not important. The important things are only the soul of people, peace and life without wars. Kovrov is a wonderful town and I love it!!!
We have the Eternal Fire and the Avenue of Glory, where we can give our respect for people, who gave their life for our peace, for the greatest Victory of the great power!
All over the world Kovrov is nice!
We paid for the Victory a very high price.
We worked very hard, for the love of Russia, so strong
We believed the war would end and the life would be very long!!!

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