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Volgograd: The Elevator

Семенова Валерия Сергеевна
Семенова Валерия Сергеевна
Г. Волгоград МОУ Гимназия №4 6 «В» класс
Учитель английского языка: Кинаш Елена Петровна

I live in the hero-city of Volgograd. Here I was born, attended the kindergarten and now I study in the 6th form of the gymnasium № 4. There are a lot of historical places, connected with Stalingrad Battle, afterward rebuild and the following city flowering. Everybody in the world knows the monument to the Motherland, the Pavlov’s House, the central railway station and others.
I’d like to tell you about something different not so famous, about history of the elevator. There is a monument at its walls. It’s devoted to the sailors’ courage, displayed by the representatives of the 92d separated shooting brigade of the North Navy. Marine infantrymen fought heroically for the highest building of Stalingrad–the elevator. They struggled desperately and made fashists horrific; they were called “marine devils”. The battles for the elevator were so severe, that Hitler ordered the special shield for awardering the 6th Army soldiers to commemorate their deed. On the shield there would be a sign “Stalingrad” and killed German soldier with the helmet twisted around by the barbwire wreath on the background of the elevator. But this shield hadn’t been even issued, because of the completely defeat of the 6th Vermacht Army.
In according with the Soviet government agreement the elevator belongs to the federal cultural objects. The elevator itself is the construction of the beginning of the 20thcenture.Together with the Central mall (Tsum), the Mamaev Hill and the Pavlov’s House the elevator is one of the most meaningful historical monuments, situated in Volgograd. Every year on the 9th of May pupils of our gymnasium keep honourable watch at this monument. We lay flowers, recite poems and think of these courageous defenders of our city. Thank them we live, study and work in Volgograd.

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