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Moscow, Kalitniki

Шевелева Анастасия, ученица 9А класса
ГБОУ СОШ №480 г. Москва
Учитель Широкова Оксана Григорьевна

Я учусь в 9 классе, увлекаюсь английским языком и русской литературой, под руководством моего учителя Широковой О.Г. решила написать о своем родном районе.

There is a quiet old area near Taganskaya square. Its name is Kalitniki. It is very old and interesting place. In ancient times it was the estate of Ivan Kalita, Russian prince, Prince of Moscow from 1325. Ivan was the son of Prince of Moscow Daniil Aleksandrovich. After the death of his elder brother Yuri III, Ivan inherited the Principality of Moscow. Ivan made Moscow very wealthy by maintaining his loyalty to the Horde ( the nickname Kalita means the moneybag).There is another version of the name of our district. Kalitniki are the craftsmen who lived in this area long ago and made moneybags.
There are three streets named Bolshaya, Sredniaya and Malaya Kalitnikovskaya. Before the October Revolution they were called Aleksandrovskaya sloboda. They were renamed in 1922 into Kalitnikovskaya streets. There I was born, there I live and study.
Our district is very beautiful. We have two little parks. One of them has a nice playground where little children walk with their parents. Teenagers also can walk in the park because there is a nice pond near here and there are wooden benches around it. There are many old houses and buildings in our district. Each of them has its own history. I think they are alive and can tell us interesting stories. For example, it is the building of the church of Jerusalem icon of the Mother of God. It was built in 1912 and became one of the most beautiful churches of Moscow. Pilgrims rested there when they went to Jerusalem. It was destroyed in 1935. In soviet times it was the territory of the plant “Electron”, then, in times of Perestroika, there was the bank. It is being reconstructed nowadays.
So, I’d like to tell you that I love my native district very much.

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