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Дрожжина Анастасия,
ученица 10 “А” класса экономического профиля
Гусева Людмила Владимировна, Заслуженный учитель РФ,
учитель английского языка высшей квалификационной категории
МОУ “Гимназия г. Раменское” Московской области

Ramenskoye got a status of a town in 1926. In the sky-blue ground of its emblem there are silver waves – a symbolic image of Lake Borisoglebskoye, the bell tower of Borisoglebskaya Church – the architectural monument of the 18th century, and four fir trees symbolizing the meaning of the word “ramenye” – the edge of the forest.
The first written reference to Ramenskoye is found in Ivan Kalita’s spiritual deed of 1328. The first textile factory was built by the Golitsins in 1831. Then Pavel Malyutin bought it. The first Russian director of the factory was Fyodor Dmitriev. Due to his progressive work it became one of the leading factories in Russia and won the Silver Medal at the Industrial Exhibition in Brussels.
Ramenchane took part in the Revolutionary activities, in the Civil War, in the industrialisation of Russia, in the Great Patriotic War… Six were awarded the Title of the Hero of the Soviet Union.
Now Ramenskoye is a political, economic, and cultural centre. One of its most famous enterprises is “Avionika” producing modern fighting aviation complexes for the Military Forces. The Aerodrome Ramenskoye has the longest flight-landing strip (5402m) in Europe. All types of civil and military planes can take off and land there. In the 1980’s it was used to transport the Spaceship “Buran” to Baikanur. The Aviation and Space Salon Max is regularly held there. It’s also the official base of the Central Aerogroup of the RES Ministry and such companies as “Tupolev” and “Sukhoi”.
Many teams, including National and Olympic, come to train and compete in the Borisoglebsky Palace of Sport and in our swimming pool. Our town is rich in traditions. The most popular is to celebrate the Town Day on the second Saturday of June. Come to Ramenskoye and see everything with your own eyes. You are always welcome!

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