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Solnechnogorsk, Moscow region. "We are faithful to our blessed memory"

Лещева Мария Андреевна, ученица 9а класса
МКОУ СОШ №4 г. Солнечногорска Московской области,
учитель Вуколова Елена Владимировна
I live in a wonderful town of Solnechnogorsk. It's history is very interesting and full of heroism. The Great Patriotic war ended in 1945, but all the heroic deeds are not forgotten and hardly ever will be forgotten.
Apart from special events such celebration the Victory Day on May the 9th there are a lot of reminders about those tragic pages. We touch our history on every step. Such names as Baranov, Telnov, Uhov, Tamoykin, Dragunskiy and Bezverhov sound familiar to everybody who lives in Solnechnogorsk. These are names of our streets, but their meaning in our history is great. Let’s make a short trip around my native town. We’ll start it from my school. It is situated in Ulitsa Uhova. Uhov was an artilleryman who was covering our forces in the Battle for Solnechnogorsk in December 1941. Not far from my school you’ll see the Monument of Grieving Mother. Then we’ll make our way down Ulitsa Telnova to the centre, where another monument to the heroes of Great Patriotic War is situated. Telnov was another hero of the war. He and other ten men were the first who came into the town to set it free in 1941. He was encircled by the Germans and fought as a hero until his death. He was buried in the common grave at the step of Grieving Mother. Going towards the center, we cross Ulitsa Baranova. Baranov was a partisan leader who defended Solnecnogorsk in 1941. Near our picturesque park there is Ulitsa Bezverhova. Bezverhov was a commander of seamen brigade, who set free settlement Timonovo from Germans on December the 10th in 1941. There is also a street named after Peter Tamoykin, who heroically died defending our Motherland.
Every year our school and our class take part in congratulation Veterans. It’s a very good tradition my generation should keep to. Veteran’s feats are great example for us, because it’s our turn to create history.

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