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Kamskie Polyani – a point on the map of Russia

Мотыгуллина Гульназ, 11б класс,
МБОУ «Камскополянская средняя общеобразовательная школа №1»
Нижнекамский район, Татарстан
Учитель: Мингазова Гюзель Фархатовна

We are proud of our little town Kamskie Polyani, although many people ask with interest “But where is it?" Our wonderful town is located on the unbelievably beautiful bank of the Kama River, 35 km south-west of Nizhnekamsk. According to some reports, a settlement was founded by runaway peasants during the reign of Ivan the Terrible.
Year by year our small and quiet town is getting more developed. Although we do not have huge industries, that may feed many families, but we have clean air. There are several pre-school educational institutions, two public schools, children's music school and youth sports school, an art school, a movie theater "Chulman-Su," an Ice Palace. All these make living here comfortable and pleasant.
But the most important turning point for Kamskie Polyani was to be the construction of the nuclear power station! In 1978 Nizhnekamsk reservoir was put into operation. About the same time on the Kama meadows the country's largest nuclear power plant with four generating units and an increased security capacity of 4 million kw and Reactor VVER-1000 was laid. In April 1990 the construction of the Tatar NPP was stopped. Several years of effort failed, it is important even how much money it took, and how it took place, how much force was put by people into this construction! But before people worked on the conscience, it can not be compared with our time. These people wanted to build in our town not just a station, but the dream of any state. Their feats of labor shouldn’t be forgotten by anyone who lives in Tatarstan now ...

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