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Leninogorsk is one the large industrial and cultural centers of the republic of Tatarstan

Фахуртдинова Регина Ильгамовна, ученица 6г класса,
МБОУ Лицей №14 г. Нижнекамска, Республики Татарстан.
Учитель английского языка: Калимуллина Лейсан Ильясовна.

It is famous for its springs. Nowadays there are more than 100 springs in our Leninogorsk. Having broken away from the stones captivity they carry their streams into the rivers Shushma, Zai, and then into the Kama and the Volga rivers. Every of these springs are inimitable in its beauty. Even theirs names are so beautiful and original. For example: “Silver key”, “Crystal” and many others.
We can’t help telling you about our native Land’s treasure. It’s a health-resort Bakirovo. It was founded in 1933. The glory of the health-resort spread for away from the Republic. No doubt, the main treasure of our health-resort is mud, so unique, that many legends mention it the mountain valley landscape with rich forests and its wonderful air take considerable part in the process of recovery. Highly professional personnel will prescribe you competent treatment and will help you to get rid of your diseases. Visit the Bakirovo health-resort and who knows, maybe the story of your recovery will enlarge the amount of charming legends of the native land!

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