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The village Verhne-Pozim

Коробейникова Елена, Ломаева Ариадна,
11 класс, МБОУ Верхнепозимская СОШ
Суховская Валентина Анатольевна,
учитель английского языка.

The sweetest, the most marvelous, the most of the most… Where is this fantastic place? It is our village Verhne-Pozim. What is the beginning of this village of superlatives? A narrow and clear river flows through the village. Here Pozim starts. People go to the spring to take holy water on Christmas.
The village Verhne-Pozim is located between the capital of Udmurtia Izhevsk (30km) and the district centre Votkinsk (28km). The inhabitants are Russians, Udmurts, Tatars. The village was founded in 1820. A post office, a hospital, two shops, a club and a rural library make our life more comfortable nowadays.
When we think of our native place, we imagine the picturesque landscapes, attractive ponds and amazing people. You can see charming gardens with wonderful flowers. If you are tired of big cities and traffic jams, come to our vast forests and fertile fields, where you can gather ecologically-pure mushrooms and berries.
There is not much to do for entertainment, but you can take part in exciting festivals, sports contests and voluntary work. Verhnepozimskaya secondary school is a cultural and educational center of the village. There are 17 teachers and 80 students. Pupils can join sport sections and clubs. The school has the Internet and an extensive library. Students are active participants in regional Olympiads, scientific and practical conferences, creative competitions.
Two years ago we celebrated one hundredth anniversary. Ivan Troshkov founded the first school in 1910. He built it using his own money. Kindergarten and school are united in one building. 32 children visit kindergarten. No doubt we are proud of our native place.

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