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Chekhov’s Drama Theatre

Anya Karabanova, 8 «А»
Teacher Kovaleva N.G.
Taganrog, School № 27

I live in Taganrog – a city with great history. It was founded in 1698 by Peter I. Many great people were born in Taganrog, and one of them is a talented doctor and a great writer – Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Every street and every house in the old part of city bears the imprint of the past. Every corner is associated with the name of Chekhov, who wandered the same streets on which I walk now. One of the most famous places in our town is Chekhov’s Drama Theatre.
Taganrog’s Theatre is one of the oldest theatres in the south of Russia. In 1808 Taganrog’s municipality requested the structure of the theater in the city. Intended, that this would be a separate building in center of the town. Its first director was Alexander Gor. From 1827 the permanent troupe of Russian dramatic artists began acting in Taganrog’s theatre. This troupe existed for nearly 20 years. Light vaudevilles and melodramas were in repertoire in the 19th century, but there were many serious dramas.
The modern building of theatre was built in 1866 by Italian architect K. Londeron. The building of our theatre is one of the best buildings of the theatres in the 2nd half of 19th century: little, but spacious hall has excellent acoustics. Drafts and plans of Milan's theatre La Scala were put in the basis of construction of the theater. In 1944 Taganrog’s theatre was named after Anton Chekhov.
Today our theatre carefully keeps and continues traditions of Russian realistic art. In repertoire of the theatre you can see the works of foreign and domestic writers. Plays of Anton Pavlovich are staged in the theatre every year.

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