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The sights of Hermitage

Козак  Анастасия
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Ученица 5 Г
Козак Анастасия
Учитель - Елецких Галина Владимировна

Hi! I am Nastya. I study in the 5th form. I was born in Saint-Petersburg. It is a great cultural and historical center and one of the beautiful cities of Russia. I have some information about the Hermitage. The State Hermitage is an art and historical museum in Saint- Petersburg, one of biggest in the world. It was found as an art gallery in the Winter Palace in 1764. This is where the Russian Tsars lived in XVIII-XIX centuries. Now it is situated in six building: the Small, Old (Great) and New Hermitages, the Hermitage Theatre and the Auxiliary House. The Menshikov Palace and the Eastern Wing of the General Staff building, the Restoration and Storage Centre and the Museum of the Imperial Porcelain Factory are also include in the museum complex.
One of the Hermitage attractions is the sculpture of Atlantis near the entrance of the museum. The height of the Atlantis is so great that a person can only get to the toes of their feet. And many people believe that touching it brings good luck. But my favorite place in the Hermitage is the Egyptian hall. There are many clay statues of Gods, several mummies and the wonderful ancient paintings on the wall. We can know a lot of interesting facts about history and religious ceremonies of ancient Egypt in that hall. I think that any person must visit Hermitage! There are so many beautiful things!

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