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Nikolskaya Gora – one of the seven miracles of Ulyanovskaya region

Енина Нина Васильевна,
учитель английского языка
МОУ СОШ № 60 г. Чебоксары Чувашской Республики.

I would like to invite you to the Ulyanovskaya region. Many people in Russia know about the Nikolskaya Gora which is located near the village Surskoye on the bank of the river Sura. Nikolskaya Gora is a place of pilgrimage for thousand of people. Its height is 76 meters. In May during the celebration of the day of St. Nikolaya a lot of people from all over rush to this majestic mountain, ascending high above the top of this calm plain. And unintentionally you ask the question: "How could have formed such a high mountain?». There was a time when the village was called Promzino and the Nikolskaya Gora was The White Mountain. In the 16-17 centuries the mountain was one of the guard patrols of the Russian state.
In 1552 a large group of nomands came to the shores of the Sura. Local people understood that if there was no help, it came complete ruin of the village. Suddendly the enemy hastly retreated. What frightened the nomands? – It was a wonderfull vision on the mountain, The Elder in the episcopal clothes stood in the gigantic pillor of fire. On one hand he held the icon and on the other hand he had the sword. And before him a warrior stood on a white horse. It was George Victorious. Seeing this terrible vision, the Tatars fled.
Soon the icon of St. Nikolaya was found in the springs and the miracles began to happen. In 1600 on the mountain the first wooden chapel was built, where the icon of the Saint was placed. But the icon unfortunately was lost. The country around the mountain is honoured especially the believers. After service in the Chapel the pilgrims go to the holy sources that are in the wood behind the mountain.
The trunks and the branches of trees at the Chapel and the sources are covered with colorful rangs for the fulfillment of dreams. This place is worth visiting.

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