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A strange monument

Сокольвяк Никита,
Гимназия №8 г. Хабаровска
Учитель английского языка –
Якушенко Татьяна Сергеевна

Живу и учусь в Хабаровске. В этом году заканчиваю гимназию № 8. С раннего детства занимаюсь английским, но, все же, своей профессией выбираю другое направление – хочу быть инженером. Тем не менее, уверен, что английский мне будет нужен как в моей профессиональной деятельности, так и в решении таких проблем, как туризм.

A strange monument stands at the Lore Museum in Khabarovsk - a monument to a tortoise. It looks wise and sad. It seems as if it wants to tell something. Where has it come from? What mysteries does it know? What events, perhaps tragic, was it a witness of?
Later, I found out that the history of this monument went back to the 12-13 centuries. At that time people who called themselves chzhurgeny had lived here. They were brave and proud people and their name meant «golden» (the metal that is impossible to spoil). For many years they were fighting with other tribes.
No wonder, that the tortoise looks sad - such monuments were erected on the tombs of the outstanding military leaders of the chzhurgeny who did a lot during the wars against the Chinese. So, this tortoise saw the funeral of a brave and courageous man. Perhaps it wants to tell us about him, about his life and death, and it feels great pity because of his early death.
Later, in the 19th century, this tortoise saw other people, they were not warriors, they were ordinary Russian peasants, living in a village called Nickolskoe, who knew nothing about the history of this monument, but used it as a millstone.
Then the stone tortoise has changed some places, the words inscribed on it hid under the layer of cement. What was written on the monument, what page of history is hidden – nobody knows. Whom does the tortoise see in its dreams when the night falls and the city sleeps? Maybe it sees the great warrior, whose coffin it had been guarded for centuries or a Russian peasant, working on a mill. Maybe it compares us with them. In whose favour is this comparison, who can say?
The monument has still been keeping some mysteries. No wonder! Stones can’t speak. But if it could, what an exciting story it would be.

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