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Черкасова Софья Евгеньевна
МБОУ «СОШ №19» г. Яровое Алтайский край
Учащаяся 8 класса
Учитель Алексеева Наталья Александровна

I live in Yarovoe. This is a small town in the south-west of Siberia. Yarovoe is situated in the centre of Kulundinskaya steppe, on the shore of Lake Bolshoye Yarovoe, that is found 8 km to the south west from Slavgorod.
A visiting card of the town is Lake Bolshoe Yarovoe. This lake is unique. The water in the lake is bitterly saline. The extreme salinity exclude any animal or vegetable life except bacteria. Chemical structure of this lake can be compared to the Dead Sea in Israel. People from all over Russia come here in search for health that is restored by wholesome water of the lake, its salty vapors and unique medicinal muds. There are 2 sanatorium resorts of State department of Healthcare: the “Regional Centre of health recovery and Medical rehabilitation on Lake Yarovoe” and Spa “Himik”. Except the sanatoriums and the hospital there are 6 hotels, beach entertaining aqua park complex with water attractions, cafés. Yarovoe is young modern town with nice squares and green parks. There are some secondary schools, Art school and professional lyceums. We have got our local television and weekly newspapers.
The main enterprise of the town is ALTAICHIMPROM. It starts its history in 1944. During the Second World War it had been evacuated from the Crimea. It was supposed to function as a bromine producing plant. Bromine was extracted from brine of the Big Yarovoe Lake. G.S.Vereshagin was the first director of the enterprise. Meanwhile the plant was named after him. ALTAICHIMPROM was considered to be one of the largest chemical companies in Russia. You can visit the Museum of history of Yarovoe. There are a lot of different materials collected by people. They can tell us about history of chemical plant and of the town.
I like my native town and I am proud of it.

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