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A beautiful town of Yarovoe

Никулина Антонина Игоревна
Никулина Антонина Игоревна,
учащаяся 11»Б» класса
МБОУ СОШ №14 г. Яровое Алтайского края

Обожаю конкурсы, с большим удовольствием приняла участие в конкурсе сочинений о родном городе. В будущем мечтаю связать свою жизнь с английским языком.

I live in a beautiful town of Yarovoe. It is situated eight kilometers from Slavgorod. Yarovoe is a young town in Altay Krai. The first dwellers appeared here in 1943. Our town is situated on the coast of «Bolshoye Yarovoe». The lake is unique and salty, that people, who can`t swim, can lie on the surface of the water. The water of the lake is very curative. There lives a shrimp which name is «Artemia Salina». I think that because of these creatures the colour of the lake changes.
It should be added that now our town is well known as a health-resort. Every summer thousands of people come here to improve their health. Our lake is famous for its healing properties. Tourists like to swim in the lake, sunbathe and have a rest on the famous beaches number 22 and 42. People can have a rest day and night. All the facilities for having a good free time are given here. In Yarovoe there are 3 secondary schools, a lyceum, kindergartens, an Arts school, swimming-pool «Neptune», green streets, wonderful parks, squares and flowerbeds. You may learn the history of Yarovoe in our local museum. The museum of Yarovoe has ancient documents, old photos, things, clothes, furniture.
I am happy that I can go for a walk along clean and native streets in the evening when the sun starts setting, when the sky is painted from tenderly pink to purple with gold lights! I love my town very much and I know I’ll find help and understanding in difficult situations only in the town of my childhood. The atmosphere of calm life, fresh air and friendly citizens makes our town a cozy corner of our motherland!

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