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Сухарев Александр Андреевич
Сухарев Александр Андреевич,
ученик 9 класса
МБОУ «Лицей №17»
Руководитель: Петрачкова Татьяна Григорьевна

I do like nature. Every year all my family – my brother, mum, dad, grandmother, grandfather and I go to the magic place. There are high poplars with their strong twigs up to the azure sky and blossom out their tender light golden leaf buds. Young adhesive light-green leaves hardly start to open. Then on the glade appear gentle heads of the blue and violet snowdrops from the black damp earth. In some days they will be less bright from the sun, nearly white. In hot summer day there is unimaginable gentle fragrance of sweet-scented thyme and petty flowers of white-pink strawberries there. The sky is so blue and clear that I’d like to fly like a bird above this beauty! Some later scarlet strawberries are going to ripen, then dark- wine red cherries will hang on the low bushes. The whole meadow will cover with coloured carpet of field flowers and grass. This place is not a tale; it is a small motherland of my grandfather. Very long ago there was a village with the beautiful name Bubny, where he was born and grown up. It was situated not far from Slavgorod. This village disappeared thirty years ago, but every year we come here, where air is more than usual pellucid and fresh, and water is clean like a tear! We come back where our great grandfathers were living.

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