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The village of Urozhainoye, Altai krai

Шеларь Юрий Александрович
МБОУ Талицкая СОШ,
учитель английского языка I категории

The place I’m speaking about cannot boast any big enterprises or factories, modern architecture or historical buildings. It’s a small, but a very picturesque Siberian village, that was given the name Urozhainoye. The settlement got its name in 1955 when courageous people of different nationalities from many parts of Russia came to pioneer the virgin land. In the first years thanks to their heroic labor they managed to gather bountiful crops. So they gave the name “Urozhainoye” to the blessed land.
The place was chosen purposely, as it is situated between the arms of a non-freezing river Koksha and not far from a spring-water lake “Lebedinoye”. Every autumn more than three hundred white swans fly to spend winter months here. Local people treat them with great care and feed the “white guests” in severe frosts. In 1973 a state reserve was founded in this place to protect the wonderful birds and the natural environment. You know, the nature is beautiful here: clean spring rivers, a nice birch grove, a fruit garden with apples, plums, cherries and apricots, herbs of various kinds… Walking around the neighborhood you can meet a hedgehog, an owl, a hare; watch a woodpecker hollowing a tree. Many people are fond of fishing because there is a trout farm here. It should be noted that the period of decline in “Perestroyka” years changed the situation in Urozhainoye and many young people started to leave the village to find a better place. But in the last years thanks to the state policy referring to the village the situation began to improve. Dairy farming, horse-breeding, crops growing and even breeding exotic ostriches are successfully developing. Lately a new industry - rural tourism - has appeared.
Our land is beautiful and rich, but the main riches are the people who live, work and overcome all the hardships.

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